chronological order of yoyos you bought compared to your skill

june beginer
duncan butterfly
yomega raider
yomega hyperwarp heavy wing
july intermediate
duncan freehand2
duncan metal drifter
augustexpert,and advanced done
loop 900s
sept master
magic yoyo line at the time
november nix (rethinkyoyo)
yyf supernova
irony jp
code 2

Butter fly
Dragon fly
Speed dial
Super g
North Star
Zen 5
Counter attack
Alpha crash
2 avant grades

Maverick/ FHZ
Genesis–Super G–Supernova–Hour
Gnarwhal/ KLR

/'s indicate equality

–'s indicate that the ones on the right of the "–"s are slighlty better.

How can any of you remember this? But then again I have like 60…

I sure can’t…

I’ll have to dig out all those invoices and post a list later XD



1999- McDonald’s brain
Samurai superyo

Xodus 2

2012 September
40 throws and just dipped into the expert part2/ masters.

Can you say I got hooked?

mines not totally right but its close

I don’t quite understand. I know the chronology of the yoyos I got, but I don’t think they strictly relate to skill level. Pretty much a 1A beginner when I got the DM2 (used it to learn to bind), and I still consider myself only intermediate-ish (I can do tricks from the “advanced” and “expert” sections here, but to me that’s just a way of dividing videos, not judging individual skills) from about the Capless onward.

1988 (or so)

  • Canada Games wooden Pro yoyo (can’t remember the exact name. Yo-Yo brand)
  • Yomega something Wing Brain XP or something like that
  • Yomega Raider
  • YYF Velocity
  • YYJ Dark Magic 2
  • YYJ Chaser, YYJ Lyn Fury, YYF PGM, Kyo DNS (bought all at once on a BST)
  • C3 Capless
  • C3 Token
  • YYJ Classic
  • YYF Avant Garde, YYF Stainless Steel Whistling Yoyo (mystery box)
  • Deadly Spins Wrath, YYJ Trigger, Duncan Flying squirrel (all Christmas)
  • Duncan Butterfly (sort of… it’s my son’s, but I play it… :wink: )
  • Code 2 (just arrived today!)
  • TMBR Baldwin in the mail

Get ready for a ride guys…

Some time in 2009:

      My uncle handed me a yomega firestorm, which i reacently found out was a mcdonalds happy meal toy. I got alittle i to it, learning the absolute basics, like the sleeper, walk the dog, and rock the baby. I purchased a duncan imperial from walgreens very soon after. I used string made for meat as string. A butterfly, fireball, brain, zombie, mosquito, freehand and reflex follow. After a month or a tad more of playing, i havent progressed at all. I quit.

in 2010 i belive:

      Jayyo (josh yee) performs at the club thing i i used to go to called teen zone. He impressed me to the max. I started to yoyo a bit, then i quit again after about a month or less.

May or june 2012:

      A friend of mine came to school with a DV888 and a reflex. I said "wow, i remember when i had fun yoyoing!" I took out my old zombie and discovered "unresponsive play". I learned how to bind and learned the trapeze.

July 2012:

        My grandma who visited bought me a maverick from toys r us. I loved it! I learned double or nothing and mach 5, and started working on split the atom and matrix. 

August 2012:

         My mom bought me my first fully unresponsive yoyo, the yyf pgm. I started more actively posting on yoyoexpert.

September 2012:

         My "BOOM" month. I quickly learned matrix, boing e boing, mcbride roller coaster, cold fusion, and most other advanced section tricks. I won a blood brother and was oh so generously given a skyline!

October 2012:

       National yoyo contest! I learned a couple more tricks, like skin the gerbil, revolutions and more, and got much faster and better with my other tricks. I got a g funk, catalyst, met augie ( ;D ) , and purchased many more yoyos and accesories.

November 2012:

      Purchased and traded many yoyos in this month. Started inventing soem tricks and combos were becoming natural and much faster. Learned a lot of new tips and tricks. i also went to my first 2yo meeting. Was starting to develop a basic style.

December 2012:

      Lots of christmas yoyos towards rhe end of the month. Finally learned most of the grind, whip, laceration, and slack teicks that have been bothering me. Especially brent stole. 


      Ive had a lot of fun and have gotten a lot better. My double brent stoles and my triple hooks are getting more constant. Im getting more consistant and can now perform random combos. In the long run, ive had a lot of fun and have gotten many other to yoyo. I have been yoyoing for about 6-7 months, not including the firat two in 2009 and 2010, because i didnt really practice much and all i knew then was rock the baby :P Can alos do basic horizontal. Still cant do magic drop though lol :D

Yoyos with an astrik mean its gone now.


metal drifter *
Skyline #1 *
Blood brother *
t6 *
flying panda
DM2 *
Fiesta XX
loop 808 pair
ann whip *
g funk *
catalyst *
code 2 *
skyline #2
n8 *
FH0 *
Pro Z
Metropolis *
Smooth move
Classic *

(Note: After the catalyst, it may not be in order because im not amsolutely sure about the order.)

I started off slightly different
Big Ben yyj
Go big yyj
Hayabusa Duncan
Aquarius yyj
Turbofly aero-yo

I feel like I’m missing one… I’ll edit when I remember haha

I went immediately to higher end metals. Actually, I didn’t even start buying less expensive throws until recently. I think that’s because I have a greater appreciation for the way they play now that I’m decent, so I can find some “good” or at least some “interesting” in almost everything.

Not really practical for me to list though. Too many, not exactly sure on the order since many have come and gone.

Heh, I like this idea for a thread.
Hmm… I’ve bought so many dang yoyos it’s hard to remember them all…
Let’s see when i first started I bought a Duncan bumblebee, learned everything up to split the atom on that. Then it went:
Dark magic 2 (first unresponsive yoyo) about a month into yoyoing
DV888 (first metal) A week after i bought the DM2
888x (first high end metal) about 2 months yoyoing
DNA a week later

Then this is really where i started spending.
I bought all these in the same week at about 2 and a half months into yo-yoing.
One drop 54
CLYW John bot Sasquatch
CLYW hulk smash Marmot
One drop Code 1 (man i wish i could still afford to buy yoyos like that)
After that i went into a frenzy of trading and racked up about 25 trades in a few weeks. It get’s a little hazy. lol.

Now my collection is as follows:
John bot Sasquatch
Alex Berenguel Sasquatch
Caramel Glacier express
1st run Yogi Arctic circle
OG Gold nugget avalanche
Ash Berry chief
Fade to jade Code 1
pre production Code 2
Cobalt burnside
One drop 54 (yep still got it :slight_smile:
28s Cascade
YYE edition Beserker
2012 Genesis
Here we yo Supernova
Super G
and i’m finally happy with how my collection sits right now.

Very Early 2009- I get a Duncan Imperial and a Duncan Butterfly when the school yoyo boom begins.
May 2009- I buy my first “real” yoyo, the YYJ Dark Magic.
June 2009- I buy my first plastic, the YYF PGM. (Plastic Grind Machine). I also purchase a YYJ X-Convict.
July 2009- I get my first metal yoyo, the YYF Dv888.
August 2009- I get my first 888. A big moment in a yoyoers life.
October 2009- I get my first high end yoyo, the General Yo Hatrick. This yoyo is still very special to me.

(The time between 2009 and recently is foggy, but I acquired many yoyos from 2009 to 2011. So yeah… lol)

July 2012 - I get back into yoyoing after quitting for a year around summer 2011.
As the months go on, I acquire a CLYW Wooly Marmot, General Yo 5 Star, YYJ Trigger, General Yo KLR, General Yo KLR (Comp Grade), RecRev TA1, CLYW Avalanche, Avant Garde.

And now most recently I have acquired my baby… the General Yo Majesty and one of my newer favorites, the YYF Severe. These past few months I’ve spent more than I ever have on yoyoing. And I can’t stop. And I won’t stop lol.

Duncan ButterFly
Zen 4
Mystery Bag-Superwide,Counter Attack,Speed Dial
And then tommorow im ordering an…
C3 Halo
And some CLYW

Purchases were not strictly based on a skill progression. There were lots “just because”, or “airport whim”, or whatever.

I have a few OCDisms, so this was pulled from a spreadsheet with purchase date and month, weight, thickness, diameter, response type, bearing size, retailer, cost, and production run size (if known).



Russell: Coca-Cola Always Silver Glitter (silver)
Russell: Coca-Cola Professional (white)
Tom Kuhn: Roller Woody
Tom Kuhn: Silver Bullet IIa (tortoise)


Came-Yo: Mondial (red #3148)
Came-Yo: Mondial (silver #3439)
Duncan: Imperial Glow in the Dark
Duncan: Trans-aXtion
Henry: Viper (original) (blue)
Henry: Viper (original) (red)
Klutz: Rocket Yo-Yo (orange)


Duncan: ProYo (lt blue)
Playmaxx: Turbo Bumblebee GT

– long, long break –


Aerobie: AeroSpin Yo-Yo (orange)
Buzz-On: Recessed Element X Remix (white w/ pink)
Henry: Coral Snake (green)
Yomega: Strobe-Yo (clear)
YoyoJam: Hitman (white body, orange caps)
YoyoJam: Relic (black rims/white body/multicolor caps)
YoyoJam: Relic (black rims/white body/multicolor caps)
YoyoJam: Super Spin Faktor (black)
Russell: Go-Yo (purple)
Russell: Go-Yo (yellow)
Saturn Precision Yoyo: Radian MK II (blue #38)
Yomega: Raider, Hyper (green)
Yomega: Raider, Stealth (yellow)
YoyoFactory: FAST 201 (blue)
YoyoFactory: FAST 201 (green)
YoyoFactory: FAST 201 (yellow)
YoyoFactory: FAST 401k Espionage (black, logo)
YoyoFactory: FAST 401 PPK (blue)
YoyoJam: Aquarius (candy apple red)
YoyoJam: Sunset Trajectory NXG (pink)
YoyoJam: Sunset Trajectory NXG (pink)
Dif-e-Yo: Tank
Duncan: ProFly (purple)
Hspin: Good&Evil 3 (green #734)
YoyoJam: X Convict (black)
YoyoJam: X Convict (red)
Anti-Yo: Bapezilla
Hspin: Pyro (YYN 1st Anniversay blue #44)


Yomega: Lancer (red/blue)
Duncan: FH 0 (YYN edition 2.3; glow in the dark pink)
Duncan: FH 0 (YYN edition 2.3; glow in the dark pink)
Duncan: FH 2 (purple)
Duncan: Metal Zero (version 2) (pink)
Hspin: Pyro Light (1st run; red/orange #375)
Saturn Precision YoYo: Spyder Release 2 (red/blue #529)
YoyoFactory: Velocity (white)


Duncan: FH 0 (YYN edition 2.2; enyo)
YoyoFactory: 401SD (purple)
YoyoFactory: Skyline (red, large bearing)
YoyoFactory: Skyline (blue, small bearing)
YoyoFactory: G5+ (LE YYN red)

– another long break –

-Fast 201
-yomega Crossfire
-every other high end metal I have.

Well I started like 6 years ago lol so I can’t remember them all but i do remember the first few:

Lyn Fury
Element X
Bgrade 888
After this I go completely blank

-$1 Yoyo I won at my school
-Yomega Power Brain
-Duncan Dragonfly
-YoyoFactory JK