Any one getting rid of old yoyos the want no more....?

listen after reecently finding out that samad got like 15 different yoyos free0.o i just thought htat if any one had any yoyos and are to lazy to put them up for bst you could give em to me ;D
(i know this is a shot in the dark…its worth a try)

You really might want to rethink this post. :slight_smile:


Lets list the yoyos I got for free:

Legacy: Chat Night
M1: Won a Jamboo from chat night, then traded it for the M1. So technically free.
Dark Magic: Became forum eXpert
Velocity: DocRobot
Hitman: DocRobot
Plastic Grind Machine: DocRobot
Mighty Flea: Chat Night

That’s it. I got nothing else for free. Now, I don’t know why DocRobot gave me all those things, but he did. Doesn’t mean you should go out asking for more yoyos. DocRobot helped out two people by giving that to me - Me, and someone else at our school. Yes, I gave the Velocity away, so someone else could benefit. I was about to give away my Hitman too, but he got a new yoyos anyway.

Now, I don’t mean to sound stuck up, but I deserved my yoyos. I won chat night fair and square. I helped out people as much as I could. And as for DocRobot…well, I don’t know. Lets just say I was in the right place at the right time.

I worked for my yoyos. Don’t expect people constantly giving them out to you.

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They get them all from Chat Night. If they still have it…

Well, there have been four real chat nights. I’m pretty sure I won three, and the person who won the other one traded it.

Way to pull a Tomonzzz…

Lol, that made me laugh for like 1:00, LOL!!!