You guys should do somekind of yoyo giveaway where you have like 10 high end metals that you will give away and anyone who is a registered for the forums is entered

just in time for Chirstmas

What have the people of the forum done to deserve free yoyos?

I know I haven’t done anything to deserve a free yoyo, heck, every yoyo I buy from this site is me saying thanks to Andre for helping me learn to yoyo, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play him back completely. Be happy with what he has given us already

Yeah, it sounds so nice, but in the end, the question is, who is paying for the yoyos? There is no point in giving us free yoyos. Instead, we can do something like a “gift exchange”, with us exchanging our old yoyos with one another. It is more practical than getting Andre to use his own money to buy us yoyos for no rhyme or reason.

we could do like a one week or one day secret santa thing were you gift old or cheap new yoyos (unless you want to spend lots of money)

agreed completely