have any of you tried a duncan MG?

on there website, it says it’s the best playing yo-yo in the world, how do you think it matches up against say, punchline, hatrick, 888x, BOSS, 44, Eneme, etc.

Im curious how it plays compared to an oxy TI or catch 22. at least they are all in roughly the same price point.

From what i heard they are NOT that good…

They play like any other metal. Not the smoothest but they are nice. Not for that many bones tough.

They are $500 so they must be worth getting.

Its not how good it plays that makes it $500. its what its made of. Magnesium, hence the name MG. It is extremely expensive to produce, same with titanium.

I think he was using sarcasm. lol

i know, titanium , magnisuim, gold, what will they make yoyo’s out of next? Penaut Butter?


next thing you know yyf will make an 888 out of wood. ;D

that would be so cool! ;D :slight_smile: ;D :o

ooh very creative, this should be a hole 'nother thread. I’d have to say the best material would be cheese though. Just think, an edible yoyo!

I tried a first run original red mg, and it was actually really good.
Had a really cool and solid feel to it, and handles tricks nicely. I used it for 5A but 1A I am sure it would be awesome also, is it worth 500? Hmmm not sure, but if you can get one used for cheaper its worth it I think.


Lol, I kinda noticed that after I posted.

no take two doughnuts and put an axle through it now theres a champ

If with ya there! :smiley:

Chris Neff beat you to it like, ten years ago.