FS: Black Mg (o.g. caps, near-perfect condition) - $250 shipped

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i love this yo-yo… but it just sits on a shelf… next to another mg.

single side recessed with duncan silicone sticker - no marks, except for natural ano wear INSIDE the bearing well from contact with the spacers. plays PERFECTLY.
comes with the wood box and parts case (containing axle, 2 sets of spacers, and clean KK bearing - not the original ceramic) and 1st RUN mg caps (installed - pristine condition).
since they’re installed (and since i don’t have the original cw collection), i’ll add some duncan stickers, a patch, a set of red duncan boy caps (you can always use spare caps), and a glow duncan boy cw.

$250 (paypal) shipped (u.s.)


Woah that is expensive dood.


The actual price of a new MG is like 400-500 dollars
so $250 isn’t bad


That is Cheap for a MG They are $450 from a Store New. And You can say you have a yoyo that was ownedbuy Ed Hoponik


The reason is it is made out of magnesium, which is costly to make yoyos out of.

Jram you might have already know this. I just said it so that tommy would understand.


Oh thanks. A magnetic yoyo cool!

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