FS: General-Yo MAGNUM for 180![PENDING]

Probably the one yoyo in my collection I would never want to give up, but unfortunately, I need money desperately. :-
The Magnum is a General-Yo yoyo that’s made out of pure Magnesium (as the name obviously suggests).The Magnum is nickel plated as well. It is in pretty good condition, not too many dings. There are a few around the yoyo, but only two or three have a feel to them. The bearing seat is engraved with what looks like a k, but - and you can ask Ernie on this - that was done for sorting. It does NOT affect play. VERY smooth yoyo, with a small vibe, like all magnums have. It is also one of the (five?) that were brush satined. I am asking $180! The retail price was 300, so I’m selling it for a lot less. Paypal only please - I need the money fast!

Bump! Now going for 180 - that’s 120 BELOW the retail price!