Anyone bought a Duncan Freehand MG Barebones edition?

Just wondering if anyone has bought one? A $200 magnesium throw does not seem to horrible compared to them being $4-450 earlier on. I was mainly wondering if I can put flowable silicon in the response, and if it has a decent gap width.

I can’t find anything on google, except pictures of t and FH2. it looks like it has the FH2 design, the FH2 has a small groove. Also I don’t see why Duncan would make a $200 dollar yoyo and have friction stickers in it :). Just go about google. There is a unboxing YouTube video, he might open it :). Go search google.

Here’s a pic of the guts of the MG. OG MG is on the left, new barebones MG on the right. Note that the pad is now recessed, but it still uses the traditional Duncan pads and won’t take flowable.

That said, I love the Mg. I like the feel of pads and it’s totally unresponsive now with a clean bearing.

Both the gold and green are stunning colors with a glittery/metallic paint style powdercoat. Looks like the sheen of an expensive car.

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Thank you very much Jason! That is exactly what I was looking for. I would like to get one. And I didn’t mind the pads on the Duncan Raptor I had either. Plus it says it comes with a concave bearing.

Is that yours? I couldn’t find any pictures online.

I had one, it was pretty good, but not nearly as stable as some yoyos under 120$.

Is that yours? I couldn’t find any pictures online.
Yup proudly part of my collection.

I have the green barebones edition as well and think it’s an amazing throw. Also, it’s always cool to the touch since it is magnesium :slight_smile: It’s super stable and plays really well with the kk bearing it comes with. I highly recommend it.

Just expensive.

I’ve been looking for that particular one for years, in either green and blue. Kudos to you and Jason being able to snag one! If either of you consider selling or trading, give me a shout! :wink: