Freehand MG v. Freehand AL

The Freehand MG, in my opinion, is kind of a legendary yoyo. I remember when it came out and I saw the $400 price tag, I thought it was a yoyo of legend. Yet, the thing has always been in the back of my mind as I wondered over the years if the MG truly is the player that I imagined it to be.

Duncan released the Freehand AL a couple years back as sort of a modern less expensive version of the NG but I’m curious as to how the two compare. The AL has modern response pads and a size C bearing, but there has to be something special about using MG as the material for the body, right?

Well, I want to know your thoughts on the two and how they compare and which one is the king among the metal freehands.

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IMO the Freehand needs an A bearing. I’ve played some with Large C bearings, but it’s not as fun IMO, loses the personality of the FH. I didn’t like the AL, LOVE my MG.

Wish more companies made yoyos with A bearings.


I got an MG a couple years ago from Duncan when they had their MG discontinuation sale for $100. I played with it for a good bit, but just didn’t like it. It had a vibe, didn’t spin as long as I thought it was going to (being MG), and was snaggy. I ended up selling it. Lots of people love them though, so I guess its an aquired taste

I think the AL is overpriced for a 6061 yoyo…

My Mg is a first run gray/silver, I got it from Deth and it’s the best fhz I have ever thrown. It’s the only Duncan I own. I’m looking for a black pad recessed Mg as a matter of fact. But best fhz period. And this bad baby was worth every penny it cost me.

Try to find an Independent, the 7075 rendition of a FH. I haven’t had the luxury of playing one yet, but I plan on it at some point :slight_smile:


Thats the yoyo made by Wesley Cheng right?

Aaron had one for sale.

I saw, thanks Grendel, I sent him a PM.

I had an MG and soon sold it. It was nothing special, especially for the price.

I found an MG on a FB BST, can’t seem to get in touch with the seller

I have 3 MGs. One OG black one and 2 of the newer released $100 ones. I also have a couple of Freehand ALs. The ALs definitely play better as they are a more modern setup with a C bearing and more weight on the rims. There is just something nice about playing an MG though. If you get them tuned right they are super smooth and spin incredibly long for an A bearing.

Are you looking to trade or sell any of your MG’s?

Not at the moment.

Are there any videos of the AL in play?

Probably, but you’d be hard pressed to see much difference in how it plays vs. any other yoyo in practiced hands.

For whatever it is worth, the AL is my favorite FH thus far (including the MG). That said, I’ve never been a huge FH fan for some reason. Still, I’ve got an AL and enjoy throwing it.

Can you give some details as to how it compares to the MG?

I have three Mg’s. One proto, two green sparkle. They are all pad recessed, and none of them I run with the caps on. Mg’s are by far my favorite throw.
The fh al is a organic shaped blaa of a throw. It has a large bearing, wide gap, recessed response, and too much rim weight for its gap width/shape. I don’t like it much, but it’s okay. I would take a anti-yo ywet over the FHAL any day. the reason I bring up the ywet is that it is almost exactly the same specs shape as the FHMg, but with the wide bearing, silicone response, and It plays excellent, plus it has the one drop axle system so you can adjust the weight a bit. All these throes are very similar to fhMg shape. Line up. Mg, ywet, malleus, first base, milk, pyro lite, fhz, Mg.

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Looks like your Mg’s have seen better days lol