Presenting The All New Duncan Freehand AL!

The Duncan AL is one of the most highly anticipated yo-yos to be released this year. When Duncan unleashed the original Freehand to the masses it immediately took the yo-yo world by storm and ever since yo-yo players have been calling for Duncan to create an aluminum Freehand. And here it is, after all the years of waiting it is finally here, the amazing aluminum edition of the classic Freehand – The Freehand AL!

The Freehand Al pays tribute to the ever popular Freehand Mg by sticking with the clever element themed name and the same classic, organic shape keeps true to the original Freehand. The organic butterfly shape provides for a super floaty and fun play style while still giving it enough speed and maneuverability to compete with modern throws.

Duncan wanted this new yo-yo to be perfect so they had the Freehand Al machined in Japan to give it unmatched precision and performance. Then they took it one step further and outfitted it with a size C bearing, slim pads, and removable side caps so it can compete in the competitive yo-yo scene.

The Duncan Freehand Al fuses classic yo-yo style with modern, competition level play. So if you’re looking for a new throw you can’t go wrong with the time tested Freehand name!

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Great something else to go on the mix for when I decide which yoyo to buy. Yoyoexpert making me one of the most indecisive people on the world through releases, and I love y’all for it.

Nice colors. Is that shiny one Nickel plated? Should be the NikAL or something.

Didn’t realize it was machined in japan. Does anyone know if s.kon machined these?

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I want one but $115 is a lot to drop for something like this :confused:

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Wish these were available during the Black Friday sale since other stores had them in like October. I’d like to try one but $115 is never happening so guess I’m waiting about 11 months for next BF or for someone to dump theirs on the BST. It definitely looks like something I’d enjoy, though.

Bout time, but $114? Kinda silly, might as well get a yyr.

I think that, as made obvious by the numerous posts above, price will be the issue most people have with these. It certainly looks nice, but is it worth 115? Not to me.

Although my eyes say that this isn’t worth $115, I feel like it may take us by surprise.

This is probably an excellent yoyo and it fills a niche that not many other yoyos do. It’s just that for me personally, I already own a DRI YWET I was lucky to pick up on the BST, a Canvas I love, have owned and sold/traded a Bape, Viszilla and Bape 2 recently, and have passed on a couple opportunities to pick up an MG at only slightly more than the AL is retailing for so there is no real urgency to own this yoyo.

Having never thrown the FH AL I’m not even remotely qualified to say whether it’s “worth” the price tag (since even if I had thrown it, its worth is largely subjective), but I strongly suspect that it is a great yoyo and probably worthy of the price tag. I just won’t be buying it until there’s a way for me to own one at around $90 or less. Classic shape, classy colors and side caps, they really do look great and I’m sure sooner or later one of these will come into my possession.

I really wish they had kept it small bearing though. It looses a lot of what makes it special by going to large bearing


that or maybe the flipside setup but the spacers would take away from smoothness

If the tolerances were tight enough and the spacers were metal, maybe not.

Yes, I would have preferred small bearing and pad response as well