Does Anybody Here Own a Freehand MG?

I was just wondering, Haven’t seen anyone ever talk about it here. It’s outrageously high-priced though.

Or even, has anyone here got the oppertunity to throw it?

How is it?

I know Ed has thrown one. I if I remember correctly, he was selling or sold one not so long ago.

Ed WAS a Freehand MG?!?!?

Haha. Whoops. Forgot a word…

(To the tune of the transformers theme) Ed Haponik, More than meets the eye. lol

Haha that better be in your sig now man!

It sounds like it could be fun, but I have not had the chance to throw one. I’m sure you could find a review somewhere though

i’ve actually had five, but only have the original run red i bought from steve. i love it, but in terms of play, no one would say it’s any better than lots of today’s aluminum yoyo’s. i bought it, because it was touched by shinobu (and because it does play great). people make a big deal about the cost. i could afford it, and i haven’t regretted it. the best is… it always feels strangely cold.


They play nicely. Like a better FHZ, IMO.