Freehand mg?


Worth the 400$ price tag or would it be a better deal to buy 10 dark magics, hitmen etc.


I’m sure there’s somebody out there that would say it’s worth it, but almost everybody agrees that it isn’t worth the $400. If one is sold on the BSTs, it’s usually closer to the $190-$200 range. Many will agree with me on this part, but you would be better off getting something else, or multiples of something else.


Actually I didn’t want one at all I’m just a very questioning person and it looked like a lot of hype over an “ok” yoyo

(JM) #4

Its price is purely reflective of the cost of manufacturing it. Magnesium is not cheap, lol.


Its price is purely reflective of the cost of manufacturing it. Magnesium is not cheap, lol.
Yeah I thought of that too but it would take a better shape to win me over for the price… :-\

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It is not worth it. Except for the fact that maybe it is durable, there is no other reason to buy it. You are beter off getting a normal plastic yoyo.

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i have two; one of the 1st run and one of the 2nd. it’s the kind of thing that’s worth it to you… if it’s worth it to you. if you’re busting your butt trying to make rent, it goes without saying you shouldn’t buy a $400 yo-yo.

but also consider that:
a.) it’s magnesium (and is almost always cold to the touch).
b.) it’s forged (as opposed to machined).
c.) it’s made by shinobu. the shinobu. (if you have no idea who that is, you probably shouldn’t have one, because it’ll be virtually impossible to respect the craftsmanship).
d.) it plays amazingly.

there are a lot of people who say it’s a $400 fhz, but i’ve never heard anyone who’s spent any real time getting to know one say that. it doesn’t do anything that a $100 yo-yo (or even a $12 yo-yo) can’t do, but that’s not really why you buy it. would YOU be better off having 10 dark magics? perhaps. would i trade an mg for 10 dark magics? or 20? no way (and i like dm’s fine). neither would i do so for 4 $100 yo-yo’s. i’ll also admit that when i first started reading the forums, it was just coming out. it was really exciting, and DEFINITELY one of the highest performance yo-yo’s out anywhere, so there’s some nostalgia there. it’s certainly not infallible, and it has stuff people may not like: small bearing, pad response (unrecessed in the case of the 1st run). but it’s a very unique feeling yo-yo, and a joy to play.

definitely worth it to me.


I would never spend over 200 on a yoyo.

With 400 dollars who knows what i would buy


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maybe a “888,Dv888,M1,New Breed,Dark Magic,X-convict,Legacy,Mavrick” (your ‘favorite yoyo’s’)?
those would cost you 400. just sayin’. i’d rather have one mg.


I would have to agree with ed. I might not know much on yoyo’s but I have some “over priced” items that were really just for me. I have knives that can be bought for 25 bucks now but i got them for 150. Same thing as before just made by different types of people. I bought swords from actual Japanese Sword smiths. I know this because I was in Japan at the shop when they made it for me. It was a pretty penny. Does it do spiffy things? nope. But I know and thats all that matters. I might not get the Freehand because it was before my knowledge, but doesn’t make it any less of anything. If anything tho i’d get it because it has an atomic symbol on it Mg!. I love science.

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so you’ve spent 5-6 grand on a sword?
and you spent over 6 weeks in the shop while it was being made for you?
wow. i guess you do like nice stuff.