TOP-YO x MagicYoYo x Even presents: Crystal

Machined plastic.

Looks interesting.

Also, what is Even?

That looks cool!

I’d buy that! :smiley:

I’d buy one.


Ill try it if its less than 40$

I would pay 20 bucks for it. maybe 30. maybe.

It’s probably gonna be less than $20

Magicyoyo’s metals are very inexpensive, so I bet this one will be like $10. lol

Idoubt that low since its machined. Probably 15-25

Only one hundred of these are/will be produced. Selling at $300RMB.

Yeah i’ll pass.

It’s quite a few months till April 1st.

$300RMB is around US$50 which is quite reasonable for a machined plastic yoyo

Hahahaha I feel so stupid. Maybe the fact that its just a machined plastic with metal rims on the inside priced at what I thought was a titanium should have tipped me off. Thanks for the info.

Haha, I was confused too.


I thought it was $300 Real Money (I have no idea what the B could stand for).

50$ for a Magic Yoyo…

Not sure if this is a joke or not…