FS: Duncan Freehand Mg


Thinking of selling my Duncan Freehand Mg, just not getting used much these days. This was the “Barebones” release, so didn’t come with the fancy box and all the extras, just what you see here. They were $200 at the time, just as a reference. I’m not sure what they sell for used these days so I’m putting it up for best offer.

Has the typical vibe on the “fingernail test”, I’ve never been able to feel it on the string, although you may be able to :man_shrugging:t3: 2 dings, shown in the photos.

Mainly looking for cash, trades would have to be in my favor for me to be interested, just a heads up.

PM me your offer if you’re interested.


The sparkly metallic finishes on the MG are so :heart_eyes:




Is it still avalible


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I replied to your private message



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