Duncan MG?

Is it as good as people think?

Yea. It’s a really good FHZ.

Well, you’re not buying over 400$ + of playability when you’re buying a MG, thats for sure :slight_smile:
It’s alot more of a collectors/novelty item than a player. That being said, it’s hopefully alot better than the Metal Zero, which is the worst yoyo. Ever.

It’s a ton better than the FHZ and MFHZ. I’ve had a few of them. Wish I still had my silver one…

Square Wheels Yoyo Co has some really great throws! I would check them out and see if you like those instead. I am privileged to throw every yoyo SW has to offer. You wouldnt be let down.

Dude, i like the fact that your loyal to your company and all, butwhat does square wheels have to do with how a duncan mg plays?

And the MG is just a really expensive FHZ

If you were to buy a Duncan MG, I was just recommending a less-known yoyo company that has fantastic throws as well. I have never played with an MG before but I am sure it is also an amazing throw.

Yea, and plays better IMO.

Well we all know a $400 yoyo plays lots better than a $25 yoyo. :wink:

Well, that’s not always the case, but in this instance it is.

I love my mg. It has a unique feel and the barebones edition is only $200 if they’re still available. For me it was totally worth it because I have wanted an MG since 06 but there are a lot of people out there who don’t think they’re anything special. It’s all preference and whether or not it’s worth it to you.

I’m going to guess it’s primarily due to better weight distribution on the MG (never had one), but I didn’t particularly care for the FHZ until I added FH2 weight rings to it.

Also would like to note that S.Kon the winner of several world mod contest is the person who developed and makes the MG so it’s definitely different from a normal fhz considering the weight distribution and overall smoothness of the yoyo

Hey Sparhawk, did you ever see that leather-wrapped Mg Steve Brown had some years ago? He offered it to me to buy but I was a fool and held off… It upsets me.

The revolver. I know several people that would kill to own that