HAve $20 need a yoyo and supplies

I have 20 dollars and i would like to find 2 looping yoyo’s and get some lube and stuff any suggestions? ??? ???

The only looping pair I can think of for that price would be the YYF Firedog at about $5 each. Add lube and about 25 strings and you’ll be at about $20.


Well I could sell you a set of loop 720s. Otherwise, you’d be hard pressed to find a decent set for sale besides Loop 720s. Or you could get some transaxle yoyos.

you could get firedogs which would be a good choice or if you want to go transaxle you should get the duncan proyo

Increase the budget.

Lube is $5 right there, maybe $10. Depends if you want both YYJ thick and thin lube to “dial in” the lube viscosity.

Strings, bulk 100 can run from $11 to$15 depending if you want YYE or kitty string, but since looking, you might want Slick6. Same prices.

You’re already over $20 for string and lube. Maybe around $16.

I like the YYJ Unleashed, and a set will run you $36.

You might have to go BST for a good set of loopers. Might score a deal on bulk string and lube too.

I’d like to point out poly string and looping don’t mix ;D
As for yoyos your very limited if you include the price of shipping. The bst is your friend