looking for string

I am looking for string, would like to try some that people made but if you have
Some that you bought and want to get rid of I’m interested

I am no longer looking for a looper

I can’t help you on string, but I will throw my two cents in on a inexpensive looper.

In this sport choices are highly governed by personal preferences, so one guy’s favorite is the next fella’s doorstop.
The throw I really enjoyed when first learning to loop is the Duncan Speed Beetle. For me I just like the rounder feel of this yoyo in my hand. Doggone it, I still like it. Perhaps I am just nostalgic about the Imperial which grants me an affection for the Speed Beetle. I find the Bumble Bee a little light, but you may prefer it’s modified shape. Yomega’s Raider ain’t a bad place to start either IMO.

If you’re going to go for a Raider, for a few dollars more(well, maybe, depends on the BST deal, since this started in BST), maybe go with the YYJ Unleashed or if you get really good breaks, a YYF Loop900.

Swatnoodle is currently selling a pair of Unleashed yoyos(blue and red). Funny thing is I have the exact same combination. I like it, but I’m not into looping just yet. I have my pair so when I am ready, my equipment is waiting for me.

Otherwise if new is what you want, I bought my kid a Shinwoo LOOP for $10. It’s still in the package. I want the kid to get through a few picture tricks first on the ONE. I haven’t thrown it yet.

Thanks for your input