Haunted houses/ attractions

So you guys like, love, or hate em?

I work at one during haunt season.


Love them! For years I actually built haunts in old barns and abandoned buildings. Did all the FX stuff myself.

It was fun but now it’s really difficult to get scared in one because I see it all coming and know how it’s done. I’m usually the only one in the group grinning and laughing, just appreciating what goes into the experience.


HH’s are great! I go to at least one every Oct. My favorite theme would have to be the haunted asylum, followed closely by hospital. The mad doctors scare the crap out of me.

Maybe you should find a haunt with a “Possessed Sewer” theme. :rofl:

Love em. It’s never really about whether I get scared, but my girl, is the type to go off screaming, sometimes even if she saw it coming. It makes for a very hilarious time for me, not so much my ears though. :skull_and_crossbones:

I think most of these are best enjoyed with a small group, even if you don’t freak out yourself, watching your friends trip out is always a good time. :smiley: