what are some of your fears?

what are you guys scared of? the dark? ghosts,bugs?
im not too scared, but i have to say i do hate spiders… i dont chicken out, i just dont like em.

also, do you have phobias?
if you dont feel comfortable telling us, its okay.

I HATE bees, hornets, etc

Heights mainly, some bugs, and for some reason, a strange fear about being naked in public, although I’m fine taking my shirt off during sports and stuff.

I have a big fear of all bees, wasps, hornets. I dont like freak out if I see one but I will run away if it flies near me.

I have aquaphobia which is a morbid fear of drowning. I’ve had a few bad experiences so I refuse to go into any water that isn’t a shower.

I also have a pretty big fear of heights. Not like normal heights such as rollercoasters and stuff. I have a fear of heights where you aren’t fastened to something.

Also really scared of Cicadas.

I also have this weird fear of the unknown. I like knowing whats going to happen and if I don’t it bothers me alot.

No achieving success, based on my standards.

My only FEAR is dieing. I hate bugs and humiliation though.

The monsters under the bed. :wink:

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Same here… I remever I ALWAYS used to ask the doctor/dentist “what are you doing now?” cuz I would get scared something bad would happen,lol

And I hate getting shots…

My mother.


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Get a’way!!!

I don’t like going in dirty, moldy places, or a pool that has all these leaves. Gives me this weird feeling…

I’m not a fan of carnival rides, like rollar coasters or these spinny things :o…

My grammar wasn’t supposed to be good -_-

Squeaking tools for writing. I hate that noise so much. Also, used food. Like, doing the dishes or wiping the crumbs onto the table into your hand… SUCH FEAR.

I’ve got two. My first one (I’m about to get really philosophical, so watch out) is being afraid of not being loved by anyone. To me, that seems like the worst thing that could happen to any person. Personally, I have no fear of dying or anything like that, because it’s inevitable.

Also, spiders. I hate spiders. My brother is actually allergic to them. When I was 5 he got bit pretty badly by a spider that was in his ear, which made his earhole swell shut. As a little boy, it was pretty traumatic to see

I have OCD, Anxiety, and not enough chemicals on my brain. That is what makes me nervous about A LOT of things.

I hate bees, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, and for some reason, dragon flies.

Dying and food poisoning (salmonella) and Barfing. Don’t ask why, very, very, LOOWNG story.

Elevators. Nuff’ said.

I actually use to be also. I saw a freaky movie/video or something about them, and I was always scared to go on em :frowning:

I think I may know the video you’re talking about, and I can understand, if I’m correct. I’m not afraid of that, though. I feel very trapped and claustrophobic when inside them, and I’m always scared in going to get stuck in one.


Getting 150 foot up into a tree and my rope breaking.

Getting eatin by a shark.

Forgetting how to yoyo.

Man i have that writing thing too! I have waer earplugs during tests lol

Being worthless.