Haulted stability after changing to fresh pads?

So, this might be me, but my Shu-ta seems to be less stable now after that i changed the worn out Pro pads (the red ones) to some fresh natural pads. My theory is that the worn out pads gave a bigger string gap, and changing to new ones reduced that gap space by ever so slightly and made the yoyo a bit less stable. I made sure to remove ALL the glue residue in the grooves before inserting the new pads and all that.

Anyone else experienced this? I mean, the red pads are supposed to be much more grippy than the natural ones, so it kinda have to be the string gap? Or?

So, no one?

like siriusly
you noticed a stability change before a spin time change

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Well yes. There’s obviously a relation between the two, but i don’t really tend to do more than 15 second combos unless there’s an even longer combo than that, which i rarely do… So the stability is by far the most noticeable feature…


Theoretically, new pads will be more stable (as in less throw vibe), but in any case it will be barely noticeable if at all.
However I’ve had throws became less vibey after changing the pads, so I suppose pads can somewhat induce vibe, try turning the pads around and see if it helps, be careful not to stretch it out because otherwise it will turn pretty much useless.
If what you mean by “less stable” is about how easy it is to tilt though, it’s in your head, maybe you just played a more stable yoyo before this one.

All the YYF yoyos I’ve owned, the new pad sticks out just a little bit, so the string easily rubs against the response when new. The friction then makes it recess and/or tilt more easily because of how grippy the response is vs the aluminum it would normally rub against at the same angle.

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by unscrewing the yoyo you already moved the axle

Thankyou! Finally someone understanding what i’m talking about! I guess i just have to play it a bit more then :slight_smile:

Nope. The Shu-ta have been my main throw for probably two months now, it’s something i noticed straight away. Definetly not just in my head. And i have never mentioned a word about vibe. The yoyo is equally smooth with the new pads as it was with the old…

I didn’t even mentioned any axle?

Pad sticks out a little just explains it…

Unless the ale is fixed to one side, it will always be moved during unscrewing, a reverse process of tuning.