Hatrick Response?

I’ve had my hatrick for about a month and the response all worn down. I was thinking about just ketting some thin smoothe hat pads, but i was wondering if there was some othere response you guys would reccomand for the hatrick?

sooo, should i just get more hatpads then?

I’d love to help you… but I don’t know anything about the Hatrick. Just feel bad no one has responded. lol.

can you guys at least reccomand thick, smoothe, or textured?

how much money do you have to spend? What i would do is buy some hat pads, but also buy some ghost pads, flowable silicon, and chaz pads and see what you like the most and go with it.

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would ghost pads fit?

my favorite is flowable silicone. it never fails if done right, it lasts longer than pads, and you can silicone maybe 14 halves. probably up to 20 if you get good. the only problem is that it takes time to apply, and if you had pads, you could just throw one in your yoyo whenever you need them.

on my first try with silicone, i did really well (probably because for a few months before, i was using a different silicone that was way harder to apply). but obviously not everyone can silicone their yoyo well. it is worth it to at least try though.

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Thanks for making this easier for me cUrlYo! I agree completly with the above.


I say Chaz Pads, Dif Pads or Flow able Silicone. They all work great. But personally I would buy more smooth Hat Pads, there probably the best pad out there.

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i believe silicon response can work with your hatrick

hmmm, the ghost pads look good too. Im not so sure about silicone. I know it can accept silicone but the groove is very small and it be pretty hard to sili. But thanks for all you help. I think i’m gonna get 2 chaz pads, a thin smooth hat pad, and a ghost pad. Only question i have now is should i get thick hat pads or thin?

I use smooth the most. It works nice! I also like to mix up textured with smooth. The thin is nice, but I find that it is better in CLYW yoyos. Out of all I like the other 2 better. Hope that helped. :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

The Hatrick’s pad’s should last a long time, longer than a month. Mine were barely worn at all in like a month and a half.

mine just went, fwwwwwwwwwp, but i play with my yoyo more than most.

I guess I did switch my Hatrick to my i to my Skyline a lot.

doesn’t the hatrick use pad response? so it would be useless if you put flowable silicone in it because it falls out much easier than normal if you keep using the hatrick. so buy high temp rtv silicone from autozone near you the difference is that it could stay on longer than flowable silicone but much messier.

The Hatrick comes stock with pads, but the groove is definitely deep enough to put in flowable silicone.

I don’t know Samad it would stay for sure and all but wouldn’t it be useless because of how fast you would burn through it?

The thing is, you wouldn’t burn through it fast. Flowable silicone is still durable, and can last long amounts of time.

Too me it seems like I go through silicone faster than pads, a lot faster.