has yoyoing ever made you friends in real life?


You saw the question.


Have I ever made real life friends through yoyoing? Well, I was already friends with this one guy, but then I learned he used to throw, so I sorta got him back into it.


I’m not your real friend? :frowning:


i guess it sorta kinda counts


well i have never met you :-\


Id have to say yes and point towards the direction of this forum.


just curious


http://www.wimp.com/yoyoperformance/ even non throwers think jensens the best


watch this http://www.wimp.com/ducksyoyo/


I definitely consider Michael Ferdico, Jesse Christe, and Jake Gorton real life friends, and I met them all at yoyo contests.

(kclejeune) #11

Yeah, I’m good friends with two people who I met at competitions.


I would consider the peeps in northern nc yya to be freinds even tough i dont really know them


That was the best video ever


i know right i want to go to a farm and try this


Yes, I met JordandarkmagicII because of this forum.

(SR) #16

I’ve met multiple throwers including people on here at contests and DXL meets and have become friends with some of them which is nice.


yes lots.


Lol I was kidding


Yes I have.


Some of the best People I have met in the past couple of years are a direct result of Yoyoing.!!! So many great people in the yoyo community that are just seperated geographically. Thank goodness for the forums and Facebook!! And the contests are a blast!