Has Magicyoyo gotten any better in terms of quality?

I say that it has gotten better. Their latest release (Hotdiggidy) has gotten some mixed reviews, though.

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I’m not sure what you’re referring to?
Yoyo designs, or quality control?

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Quality control.

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If the reviewers are already bringing it up I think you have the answer.

I haven’t played with much of their stuff for years. And definitely not enough to sample how the QC over a batch of yo-yos is


Best thing is if you get here, and the yo-yo is defective out of the box. YYE will make it right for you


Brandon Vu has somethings in the works and from the looks of it, they took some chances in stepping their game up!

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We don’t get all the magic yoyo releases, but of the few we do have I would say their QC is pretty on point. And like @G2_Jake said - If you have any issues we’ll get it sorted out for you.


In terms of design quality, Magicyoyo are a real mixed bag.

Many of their releases are so different to one another that it seems they’re not exactly sure what they’re going for.

I don’t mean differences is size and shape, I mean in terms of blast, anodisation and engraving quality.

The only yoyos that seem to really hit the mark are the ones where they outsource the designing of it (aside from the N12, that one is actually good aside from some bad laser engravings).


I’m pretty sure MagicYoyo make a lot more than just ‘MagicYoyo’s’.
They make yoyos for other companies, you all know this right ?
They used to advertise the service on their sites but they don’t seem too anymore ? Maybe taken down because they can only make so many yoyos, I would guess they are at capacity, but this is just a guess.
Anyone know whose making the CLYW’s, the ART’s and all the other yoyos that are made overseas, which nowadays is 95%, even One Drop are outsourcing to… probably MagicYoyo, or maybe a company they own!!
Good thing they were designed in America, whew, close call.
Im curious how you would all feel if you found out MagicYoyo made CLYW, or your precious ART’s ?


A-RT yoyos are made by Onedrop, and Onedrop make their own yoyos.


No matter how many truth bombs are dropped, some people will never get it. It wouldn’t bother me in the least bit. To each his own!

This does not seem right. Why would they outsource when they are one of the few companies that has their own equipment to produce their own in house? If anything, other companies are outsourcing to OD for their production, like A.RT throws.

And while CLYW’s colorways took a hit after the outsourcing (im bored of the fades), their QC took a boost if you ask me. So to challenge how we may feel about one production company producing many companies’ throws, is almost moot, since its simply nature of the beast. Neither a pro nor a con. It just is how it is. Each batch is made to spec, if its sucks, its a design issue that is on the designers’ shoulders, not so much the machine that was told to do based on cold hard math, and even less, where the factory is physically built. I can’t imagine why it matters.

But for your own records, OD, and A.RT are both made stateside.

That being said, i still am not a fan of MYY and do not push their products nor advise others to as well. The worst yoyo ive ever thrown came from that company and it killed the taste for me. I literally threw it away and mentally blacklisted the brand for making something soooo crappy. I do not care to try other MYYs either, regardless of praise.

in the world of yoyos, the brands are many. there is no reason to go a round two on a brand when they dropped the ball so hard with the N8. It played cheap, it felt cheap, it was cheap, and i dont care for cheap anything. (remember inexpensive and cheap are not the same thing. One is cost, the other is quality.) Life is too short, and there far too many good companies to settle for and throw super turbo crappy yoyos.

Special shoutout to Beeboo for being the worst of the worst. Thats a company that would do well to close up shop and go sully some other community. They do nothing for us other than flood the market with trash to the duped and ignorant shoppers that are stuck on amazon and cant get off it to save their lives.


My bad, my apologies to one Drop and ART.

I dont see it as a bad thing. I guess i should have stated that, I dont see good Chinese/Overseas yoyos as any lesser quality than One Drops, they are made on CAD lathes, where, too my way of thinking, it more comes down to the design of the yoyo as opposed to the manufacturing which, again TMWOT, if the equipment is operated properly, maintained etc… they should be near 100%, in a perfect world of course.

I was just curious if you found out, say hypothetically, MagicYoyo cut CLYW’s would that change your opinion of the brand ?

thats all.


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I can understand why it’s done. Can a company survive solely on the sales of yoyos? Again, I’m new to all of this; but, if OD is releasing a throw every 2-3 months, and they make 500 of them, sold at $100/ea, that’s $50,000 quarterly-ish, assuming they all sell. That’s gross revenue, not profits. They have overhead they need to consider, as well. So if they can sub out their machinery to other companies and make a few extra bucks with far less overhead, and that money is reinvested into churning out quality throws, can you fault them?

That said, I’m in agreement that if they’re all CAD lathes, the design, tolerances, and materials used are really what’s driving the quality of one company vs. the other. The machines should, in effect, be of similar capabilities.

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Same here, though for me it was the K-1.


Nah, its the concepts, originality, marketing, and overall vibe of the company that matters to me. Are they in it for the community and betterment of the sport? Do they sponsor contests and promote growth and inspiration? This matters to me over where its manufacture took place. If I found out that, say for example, Chris from CLYW was actually behind Beeboo, then I would think differently, but id still buy CLYW.

I know what you maen though, when Jeffery from Luftverk teamed up with MYY i was a little taken back, especially considering the eschelon of throws he made before and after the collab.

Its like, if there is a place that works on cars, it doesnt matter what cars are being worked on. Once a shop has the tools, equip, and expertise to offer a servie like that, the clients offering to pay for said services are mostly irrelevant. Same with yoyo manufacture. I heard alot of strive towards CLYW when they switched from domestic to intl manufacture, but the results and price drops speak for themselves.

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Pick two weapons: 22 caliber… and a 12 gauge shotgun.

Pick two uses: (1)identify a certain point and hit it=Choose 22 caliber

(2) Suggest a focal point but just hit the whole of the barn= Choose shotgun.

A riddle? Not really.

Original question concerned Magicyo quality; correct?

Can you put the shotgun down and define ‘quality’?

Specifically: quality of design, quality of finish product, quality of the character and motivations/intentions of the Company, quality of Magicyo yoyos compared to all other manufactured yoyo origins or some other borderline aspects no quantified as yet?

Does the identifying level of quality somewhat hinge on what you feel they do to help motivate or subsidize the future of yoyos?

You suggest your concern and focus on what yoyo Companies priorities are. Yet; technically their responsibility to the future of yoyos on Earth has little to do with defining the ‘quality of their products’.

So…to arrive at a more accurate and meaningful answer; the original question needs to be more specifically addressed.

  1. Specifically yoyo manufacturing quality.
  2. Design quality.
  3. Quality gauged on the results achieved by the combination of both quality controls and designs.
  4. Product quality somewhat defined by how Magicyo is viewed on their level of Integrity and/or intentions regarding their actual degree of concerns in regard to keeping the World of yo spinning?

Simple question. No shotgun needed.

PS… this is not an argument. Dust is ok with me. He is a very talented skill toy practitioner. A good forum contributor. And he believes in good character.
I am just looking for answers that more specifically address the original question.

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