Has anybody have they package not come on time?

My kitty string and fiesta xx didn’t come in the mail yesterday, I got a notice that they try to delivered but failed to do I got an email saying I could ask them to
redeliver it, so I did I may expect the package to come today. Does this happen to you guys?

I get postal delays all the time. I rarely have issues with it. My main concern is it makes it to me.

Not that it really matters but nearly all my YYE orders haven’t had this problem except one that was two days late and even that wasn’t an issue. Very rarely are YoYos an urgent item. Then again my last order was and YYE had it here like clockwork using priority mail.

The bigger concern is “are postal delays common where you live?” For me, 3 day delays are very common.

I generally get all of my packages in 2-3 days.

not really alot of my previous orders have come on time, well except that one time I ordered magic yoyo from a brick and mortar store which took 3 weeks since it was sent from china.

Happens all the time. Nothing to do with YYE.

Same here ;).

Don’t really have a problem but one package did say put for delivery and it didn’t come to my door for about 2-3 days. Also, it seems like everytime I’m expecting a package, my mail comes really late in the day instead te usual 10-11am.

well my package came today. im so excited to start the world of offstring and thanks for all your help.