Happy Times!

Hey, Today my sister when to the mall so I had to go sadly. I yoyoed outside American Eagle for a minute and then some random people came up and started watching. I ran out of tricks so I just did the Matrixx and people were still amazed. This was a AMAZING feeling. If anyone else has a Happy Time share!

The guys at school thought I was strange… and then I did a double or nothing, and they were like “WOW!” and I’m like ??? But they like yoyoing, and I bring a monkey for people to use. (No way are they using my dark magic!)

Um…I have a friend with a girl and I showed her some combo
tricks, and she said “Wow, OMG, YOU’RE SO GOOD!!!”

Happy Throwing! =]

I was randomly yoyoing in class because i had nothing better to do. I did barrel rolls and some girl was like “WOW That is so cool! How you yoyo like that ah HAHAHAHA”

Excuse me, Louiz, who was the ‘girl’ who went “WOW That is so cool! How you yoyo like that ah HAHAHAHA”.

SH Cube. Lol getting off topic. Don’t use my name like that.

Oh sorry, rsmod123.:o

In Norway, people see you as a pro if you do rock the baby. When i do some gyro flops, cold fusion, or MISS a spirit bomb, people will see you as a nerd. But about everyone in Norway will be amazed by most intermediate tricks.