So it’s a new year. A chance to start over and accomplish things you weren’t able to during the 366 that just wrapped up. In our case it’s a chance to perfect that combo, purchase that CLYW you’ve been eying, try out some new string, or even just continue doing the things that made 2012 the year it was. First off, I’d like to say happy new year and I hope your holiday was awesome. Secondly I would like to thank the YYE community and my fellow throwers for the help and knowledge shared through out the year. I learned a lot from you guys and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Between the reviews that made our purchase of our favorite throws possible and the videos that made us step our game up. It was an awesome year and I’m happy I spent it with y’all!! Lets start this year off right and make the simple amazing!

(NotATyrant) #2

Nice speech,but I don’t new years, especially when it was 2012 ,so…


So it’s a new year. We all managed to survive the end of the world and finally 2013 has come. Now I know some of you don’t do all the sketchy new year stuff, but what are some yoyo goals you guys have? Doing better in competitions, perfecting your tricks, maybe even meeting more players. So… What will you be doing this year?

(NotATyrant) #4

Making sure Dead Threads is going smooth,learn new tricks,meet my idols of the yo-yo community,and be me.


party like its 2012… oh wait…


I wanna learn new tricks and meet some of my favorite throwers


Seems just like last year so far…