Happy Birthday Total Artist.

Yay any new purchases for your birthday?

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Thanks MP. I was expecting YoyoFactory Dreams today, but no new USPS scans, so it does not seem likely. I just woke up from a nap and haven’t checked the mail yet. It looks like nothing today though. At least I can feel like it’s my birthday again when they get here. :wink:

Happy Bday TA! I am in the same boat you are and awaiting for my Ti Dream as well.

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Thanks! Any new scans on yours today? :-\

But, guess who wished me a happy birthday today? Well, there are two people, yo-yoers, and two of my favorites too. I will mail a new YYF Flight to someone who can guess them both (shipped to U.S.A. only sorry). I’m thinking of two specific people, because I got a lot of birthday wishes today. Let’s see who can guess them both (one guess per person). I will pick only one winner though. You have until 8:00pm.

  • Not “someone” the username but someone. I mean, unless he could guess, and I pick him. You know what I mean. :smiley:

Andre Boulay and Eric Koloski.

Happy Birthday, TA! To one of my favorite members of the forums. We’ve never actually met, but you’re aces in my book. I hope your day is a relaxing one. :smiley:

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Happy Bday! And I’m guessing they didn’t scan the departure for the Ti Dreams cause there were so many. Might see a scan if it shows up at your local post office though.

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Andre and Garrett?

EDIT: NVM, read it wrong lol.

Andre and YYF Ben

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Andre Boulay and Luis Enrique

It’s Sara’s Birthday and yet we get the Greatest ‘presents’.

Her presence on this Forum.

T.A. is the Best.

Happy Birthday!


happy birthday TA! hope your enjoying your birthday and stuff! doing anything fun?

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So close. It was Andre and John Higby. I like your answer though, cause YYF Ben is one of my favorites too, so it could easily have been him. I will send you the Flight. PM me your address.

Thanks Mike, you’re one of my favorites too! Much love!

Thanks 'doc, so awesome to get that happy birthday from you. Much love.

Wow I honestly didn’t expect that! Honestly I’m super grateful cuz I don’t buy a lot of throws in the first place and I’ve been abusing a classic with a slim bearing as a 4A throw. Thank you so much and I hope you have an amazing birthday! ;D ;D ;D

Happy Birthday! Best wishes to you TA~ My birthday is just 4 days away so hooray for me too!

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I’m glad you’re trying 4A and the Flight will find a great home. I got your PM, and I’ll send you tracking when I get it in the mail. Give me a day or two. :wink:

I will remember to wish you a happy birthday. :slight_smile: Most of my friends have June/July birthdays too. I have two friends with the exact same birthday as me. But one was born two years before me, and the other one was born one year before me. All different years, but the same day, June 25th.