YoyoNews.com Shutter Contest Winner (Many Thanks)

What!!  :o

I drove out of state to have lunch with a friend, so I have not been online for awhile today.  I just realized that I am one of the winners of an all blue YoyoFactory Shutter.  I would like to thank YoyoNews.com for having such a fun contest, and YoyoFactory for making and providing such a fantastic throw as the prize.  I think that YoyoNews.com has filled a tremendous void.  Besides the YoyoExpert blog, I never got my official news about yo-yo from anywhere else.

You all know I love taking photos, amateur photos, but it is something I enjoy.  I loved that you could enter this contest as many times as you wanted.  I chose to enter several times on Instagram, and I submitted one Haiku on Twitter.  But, I don’t Tweet or Facebook very much.  Instagram is my thing though.  I’d like to share the winning photo, and some of the others I submitted too.

I used some of my other toys and integrated them with yo-yos.  I have some collectible figures, so I used them, and of course I get YoyoNews stickers with my orders from YoyoExpert, so I used stickers too.  I always show love to YoyoExpert when possible.

The Winner:

I’m a huge fan of the Genesis, so I posed the four I own, 2009 small bearing, Doomsday, 2012 and YoyoExpert Special Edition, along with a Flea.  The Flea was perfect to model with the figures due to the size.  Currently 41 likes on Instagram, this was the winner:

YYFFigureGenesis by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Here are some of my other submissions:

This one has more “likes” than any photo, out of almost 300, that I have on Instagram at this moment.  It has 50 likes, and was posted a few days ago:

YYFFigurePopstar by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

I really like this one, because I like the figure a lot, 49 likes:

YYFFigure1 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

This one got 48 likes:

Yoyofactory2.jpg by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

This was most popular on my feed for a long time, but was trumped by a few shown above…47 likes:

Supernova&bass by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

I submitted a few others, but those were some of the best.

This was my haiku lol:

Throw that’s so worthy,
This new Shutter Yo-Yo is,
Full Sized and Curvy.

I was out of my element on the Haiku, but gave it one shot.  I never attempted Facebook…just not a big Facebook fan I guess.

Thanks again to YoyoNews and YoyoFactory!!  I am a huge fan of YoyoFactory throws as you know, and my favorites besides the Shutter right now are the H.O.T., Genesis, Catalyst, Ricochet, Roll Model…I love them all.  I wrote the following song, long before the win, but this is a good time to post the lyrics:

Lyrics to the YoyoFactory Song (copyright 2013)

Doing my tricks, I don’t look innocent,
I look so menacing, I’m into this,
I just throw my Genesis,
Or Supernova, pass a Protostar over,
I know to, put it into a fast holder,
Variety of yo-yos to be all that you are,
so many throws, Starlite to the Shaqulerstar,
Made by players that’s just how you want it,
2A players they’re using loop 900,
They made it all, so even when you’re on the go,
Take a small Popstar, it’s a pocket throw,
Tricks are clean, Avant Garde plays like a dream,
Black and green plastic stacked Grind Machine,
YoyoFactory’s in it’s prime with the greatest team,
Harold Owens, Gentry Stein and Jason Lee,
John Ando, Paul Han, players you gotta see,
Tyler Severence, JonRob Ann Connolly,
Miggy Correa, competition is so strong,
Your favorite players throwing Chaotic or Proton,
Nice tricks it’s nothing new to me, cause I usually,
See horizontal tricks played on the Super G,
Yoyofactory sales…the best, and you know that,
Got something in the mail, YoyoExpert sent your pro pack,
Cause we ain’t giving competition here no slack,
More in the future, with no plans to hold back,
So make way, make room, cause they’re coming through,
with extra bearings, extra string your favorite multitool,
It’s crazy fun, when haters get in the way,
Titanium, now you’re loving that Ricochet,
Superstar redesigned and made a comeback,
And right on time, cause they knew that you would love that,
They put a thousand titaniums in your hands,
Follow on Facebook Twitter or Instagram,
When a throw plays nice, you know it has to be,
MVP…888, from YoyoFactory.


Song Audio Only:

Follow @YoyoNews @YoyoFactory and @TotalArtist on Instagram.

I’m still stunned!!  Thanks again.  ;D

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Congrats! You deserve it, those are some really creative photos.

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Awesome, TA! I knew you’d win something. :smiley:

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I know right! Finally getting some well deserved yoyo-based recognition!

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You noticed that even when black string didn’t show up well, I integrated black string into the photo anyway. It didn’t show on the Popstar though. Black string for life!! :smiley:

Congrats!!! That is really cool!

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thats awsome congrats TA

If it couldn’t have been me I’m happy it was you! Cheers to a great win.

Thanks a lot. I’m going to post a photo when I get it. I’m curious how the blue looks in person. Actually, it’s aqua I’m told. :-\

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I’m probably crazy, but does this one remind anyone else of Team Fortress 2?

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I had to Google that…kinda does :smiley: He looks like this when he’s not into yo-yo stuff. I bought him about 11 years ago:

YYFFigure3 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


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Haha, that hoodie is so original…

Some whiners in the YoYoNews comments were saying “Totalartist took too many photos!! It should be only ONE favorite yoyo. He [sic] was cheating!!”
Shut your traps. No one deserved the win more than Totalartist. Super creative.

I wouldn’t even imagine using a white backdrop and figures for those shots. Amazing job.

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If they say “enter as many times as you want to”…I have no problem doing so. :slight_smile: Also, I don’t buy 30 Yoyofactorys to have just “one favorite.” :wink: And, they never said to use your “one favorite,” they just said to use your “favorite.” So, I used a bunch of them…not all, but a lot haha. Besides, even if they said to use your “one favorite,” they still didn’t say not to use any other yo-yos in the shot, so I can even use my non-favorites in the photo too. I can put my favorite in a shot with my non-favorites. My mind analyzes things different, so I know exactly what is said, and what is not said. So, I use that to my advantage. The kids have all the trick video contests all to themselves. But, if a picture contest pops up…I’m in there.

Thanks kuyaChristian. :wink:

These pictures are amazing, glad you got the win.

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Hey Total Artist do you have pictures of something other than yoyos? If you do I’d love to see them.

Yes, I do. There are some posted in the amateur photography thread.  Do you like to look at food?  :D  They will make you hungry.  Food is my second favorite thing to take photos of

There are more in the thread,  but here are a few:


I got the prize.  As you know, I LOVE the Shutter, and recommend you get one (if you haven’t already).  It came with the stickers.  I was very happy to get another YYF BMX sticker…those are the best yo-yo stickers I have ever seen.

ShutterContest by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

ShutterPrize by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

ShutterPrizeb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Shutterspin4 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Shutterspin2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Shutterspin1 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Shutterspiin3 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

I’ll do a better video soon, but this is a clip from Instagram:

Dang… i really need to get my paws on a Shutter.