Huge Shout Out to

As many of you know, YoYoMuseum ran a scavenger hunt contest recently. I was the lucky winner, having found all of the answers. I really had a great time scouring the exhibits on the site looking for the answers. If you haven’t spent any real time on the site, I definitely recommend you do so at some point. It’s a wealth of knowledge that is such an amazing thing for a small community like us to have.

Anyway, yesterday I received my prize in the mail and wanted to publicly thank them. Here is what I won! This thing is a really cool throw. I’ve never owned a V shaped throw quite this big before, and it is a lot of fun to play.


Snap! That is one nice throw to get too. I love the museum. And, I’ll work on some new exhibits for it tonight too. Congratulations!

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Glad you like it, the contest was really fun for us too! Look for a ton of new exhibits coming this week, and more giveaways soon…

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burdger, congrats you lucky dog you…


Congrats, what yoyo is that?

ledave its a god tricks evolution

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What alecto said…