please delete

                              YO2 yoyo contest

just go to facebook search YO)2 yoyo team
from there like our page and put up a picture of your yoyo collection.
The person with the bigggest and best yoyo collection wins.
deadline to enter is FEB.18

1st place prize:YYF Genesis
2nd place prize:YYF Northstar
3rd place prize:YYF velocity

If they have such a nice collection, why do they need more?


Sorta like Bill Gates getting better odds in the lottery.

We just want to see the best yoyo collection

I lose

Nobody loses just post you never no what could happen

Wait there’s one winner, but no losers?

I mean nobodys collection is bad

A collection can be bad if it doesn’t have any yoyos.

Jason will win, I mean just look!

You might want to rethink this contest…