Yoyo collection contest

Post pictures of your collection of your best throws or just any of your throws

The more yoyos the better

There’s a link to my flickr

Don’t own most of them anymore but still fun to look at

That is quite the collection how many total do you have

Even just a estimate of them

I have dreamed of having that many maybe when I am a billionaire



My main 12. I have about 10 more but these are my top 12. Not necessarily by which I think play best but which I enjoy playing the most

Top left are my favorites, bottom right are least favorite in my case.

LunarWind, YYR Overdrive, OD Valor, YYR Mr. Butcher
TS Capricorn, YYR Sleipnir, MFD Ape-X, YYR Messiah
YYR Blink, Duncan Strix, Werrd 68400, YYF Too HOT

what’s the contest?

who said more is better? NOT true.


Stickman comes in with his 30 Anglams

Okay maybe more is not better true

Here’s my meager collection

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom

CLYW Yeti, G2 Quake, FPD Kayto 2, FPD Kayto 1
CLYW x OD Summit, Gen-Yo Amplitude, Whismy Aloha, BBYY Bully
CLYW Cliff, Gen-Yo Prestige, MFD Gelada, BBYY Bully
3yo3 Cosmo, 3yo3 Acryillion, TP Tarasqus, O.U.T. Pocket Love

Where is yoyobrothers.

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Hey nice collection man.

Wow! If I ever get that lucky to own more than 5 yoyos, my life is satisfied! :smiley:
How can you guys have 6+ yoyos and devote your love/time to them all equally?

Because I was reminded of a Pokemon quote that I can’t remember word for word (Yes I’m a nerd):
-SomeGuy: “Why do you only carry 6 pokemon at a time?”
-OtherGuy: "Because 6 is the perfect number. You can only equally devote your time and care for 6 pokemon. Why would you want more pokemon if you cannot divide your time equally to them?

Haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, different days have different moods and different moods call for different yoyos.

And who says we have to play them all equally? Some get more then others, but the moment you give a yoyo/sell/trade a yoyo away you’ll never be able to have the feel of that yoyo again unless you get another one or meet someone at a club that has one. With so many great yoyos out there I don’t think we should be limited to just 6, so many great yoyos, so much variety, it’s hard to just keep 6

Also some people are just collectors that have 100+ yoyos


7075 Saskatoon Blizzard Chief, Rainbow Splash Attune, Hardcoat 08 888, 2013 Overdrive,MVP2, Zstacked Catalyst, Limey Stew Majesty,Addiction V2, Psy, 2010 Noctu, Benchmark O, Code 2, Victory, Pride, Canflon E1ns, Burnside, DreadnoughtG, Shutter, Victory, Sakura SE Hairband

Not Pictured: My Candyblasted ILYYs: 2008 Noctu (blue), 2008 Mary 49.5mm version, 2009 Wasabi, Josy Ann, Original First Run Lio (ill add when i get home)

This is a pic of me and my friends collection.

Can anyone name them all?

I have around 30-something yoyos. ;D

https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3892/15324543515_63defc3aaa_o.jpgYoyo Collection as of 9-22-14 by PZorro14, on Flickr

That’s just a few of them. Haven’t done a full collection shot in a little while. I will do one within the next month or so.

Oh man, everyone has such awesome looking yoyos! Well here’s my picture of my collection. Just FYI, I recently got back into yoyoing so my collection of aluminum yoyos are still light, most of mines are around e late 90’s-early 2000’s…and my collection does consist on quantity because certain ones I bought in bulk because the deal was too good to pass up, so there are quite a couple of crappy ones in there.

Current total count: 236