YoYoNews.com Shutter Giveaway

We’re giving away three of the new YoYoFactory Shutter…click through to see how to win. :slight_smile:


Time to restart my streak of winning yoyo giveaways.

So lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: just read the post… Not just luck this time. HA! XD

Man! How come every giveaway involves twitter and facebook and instagram somehow! I guess I will never win at a giveaway cause of the reasons of my mom and dad not allowing me oh well.

Because FB/twitter contests give them more followers meaning more publicitymeaning more money :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, we’re totally getting rich off YoYoNews.

I’m on track to be a hundredaire!



Finally, a contest I might be able to win :smiley:

Ends on my B-Day :smiley:

So is this a photography contest or just random drawing?

Did you click the link and read the rules?

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I’m new to Instagram ( just signed up ) hope I figured out bow that worked by here was my photo http://instagram.com/p/dZ7QMxotsm/ can you confirm that it posted on your Instagram properly Steve? Thanks!

Thanks a 7/16" septum hole with a custom stashe from Jessie with somatic glass body jewelry and then of course my beloved galaxy proton!

Snafu, you should include #yoyonews and #yoyofactory in your caption. Very sick septum too.

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Thanks I’ll add those when I figure out how to edit my caption.

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Yes, all it says is creativity will be rewarded, but is the instagram contest going to be randomly picked or most creative photo?

damn^^ those giveaways are allways for skilled people with creativity xD well i did my best^^ hope everything postet correct on instagram^^ http://www.5thvillage.me/p/529740275203590811_522383729/
it shows on the yyf hashtag but not on the yoyonews for some reason

good luck to everyone btw

From the link:


A hundredaire sounds pretty sweet! What’s that work out to an hour, pay-wise? I might want to quit my day job…

Don’t worry Abby you’re not the only one.

Screw contests! I’m going to a yoyo meet tomorrow and I’m gonna BUY ONE!!

Don’t got no time for contests!

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Oh, now it’s a crime for you to lose. :smiley: