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Since INSTAGRAM became a very popular social network, many yoyo forums (YoyoeXpert, YOYONEWS, YoyoSkills…) and brands (C3yoyodesign, YoyoFactory, CLYW…) often decided to promote their Yoyos and new releases holding skill-creativity photo-video contest on this social network.
My goal is to create a post that can collect all contest, results, prizes of past-present-future, so everyone can join them showing their skills and above all creativity!!!
And of course WIN NEW YOYOS!!! ;D

Past contest that i know:
CLYW -> Win a clyw bipbop edition of the cliff showing with a photo your best picture trick! #bipbop
YOYONEWS -> Win a square wheels rockefeller posting a picture of you begging for it!
YOYONEWS -> Win a yoyofactory shutter with a photo of your favorite yyf throws!
YOYOSKILLS -> Win a gift card (100usd), t-shirts and stickers celebrating 5 years of yys!
C3yoyodesign x YOYONEWS -> Win a c3 KROWN, berkserker RX, Pwave with a 15sec video showing your skill-creativity with yoyos! #c3yyn15s
HildyBros x YoyoeXpert -> Win a limited ed. emmett, two currier, and a classic emmett with your best fixed axle trick and funny video! #emmett
Magicyoyo -> Win a magicyoyo dark sprite glow with a photo of you and your yoyo!
YoyoRaven -> Win a onedrop yelets and a falcone bearing with a photo of your favourite yoyo!
AeroyoRussia -> Win a Aero-Yo MTE postin a new year-xmas related yoyo photo!

What’s your ig :smiley:

New contest from YOYONEWS.COM
Prizes: 3 new Yoyofactory Hubstack Afterglow!
Follow @YoYoNews on Instagram, and post a spooky picture of yourself. Tag user @YoYoNews, and add the hashtags #hubstack and #yoyonews.
Three favorites of yoyonews will be picked up on Monday, February 10th at Noon EST and each winner will receive a free YoYoFactory Hubstack Afterglow and YoYoFactory stickers!
link ->


<<<So to promote RS Instagram awareness, I’m hosting a FOLLOW TO WIN contest.

Rules are simple- follow to win.

Winner (1) will be chosen at the end of February by a random number generator.

Prizes are as follows; set sail or a gift card redeemable for any of our future releases!

Simple contest, don’t miss out!!! IG| radicalseasyoyo >>>

radicalseas IG profile -> <-

<<YoYoNews and C3YoYoDesign have teamed up for another Instagram contest!
The 2014 European YoYo Championship is just around the corner, and players from more than 25 countries will gather in Budapest for a chance at the top honors in ten different divisions of play.
C3YoYoDesign and YoYoNews will both be in attendance, and we want to give YOU a chance to win the super limited EYYC Edition Level.6 yoyo!

Here’s how to win:

  1. Follow @YoYoNews and @C3YoYoDesign on Instagram.
  2. Post photos that you feel showcase the true spirit of EYYC. Photos MUST be EYYC related!
  3. Tag photos with #thisiseyyc, #c3yoyodesign, and #yoyonews

That’s it! Enter as often as you like!
Two lucky winners will receive an C3YoYoDesign EYYC Edition Level.6, and a #thisiseyyc shirt in their choice of size.

C3YoYoDesign and YoYoNews will select these two winners on Monday, March 3rd.
Winners will be notified via Instagram as well as here on YoYoNews.>>

link ->

just posted a thread and then saw this.


for more details. :slight_smile:


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