Submit Your Spooky Instagram Yo-Yo Picture and Win!

[b]It’s Friday the 13th Everyone! Grab your flashlight, check under the bed, and turn on all the lights in the house!

And in case you haven’t heard there’s a full moon tonight too! I’m not saying we’re superstitious or anything but let’s just say you won’t catch any of us walking through a graveyard or dark alleyway tonight![/b]


Post your best creepy, scary, or spooky yo-yo picture ON INSTAGRAM and you can win!

[b]THE RULES:[/b]
  • Picture must contain a yo-yo

  • Be creative, we don’t want to see recycled Halloween pictures!

  • Photo Editing is allowed and encouraged!

  • Post all entries to Instagram with #Friday13yoyo and @YoYoExpert so we can find them all

  • The Contest will run for 1 week – judging will begin on June 20th!

  • The top 5 Favorites will be selected by the YoYoExpert Staff and the votes will be cast on Facebook to select the winners!


1st: Hildy Bros Currier (Skull Edition)

2nd: YoYoFactory Hubstack Afterglow



Ooh…I might enter this to get that Hildy as a Splash Game prize. I’ll get to win, and then let someone else win. It’s recycled winnings. The plot thickens. I have a cool idea too, just wonder if I can pull it off. I love photo based contests…all you guys great at doing yo-yo tricks have to battle me with your lenses now >:( What! :stuck_out_tongue:



If it was a video contest I would just throw a chief onto cement. :wink:


I hope I get second haha.


Gotta come up with something now…


There’s still one more day to enter the contest and have a shot at winning a Hildy Bros Currier or a YoYoFactory Hubstack Afterglow!

We have some great entries on instagram so far. Just remember if you’re entering you must tag your photos with #Friday13yoyo and @yoyoexpert

Good Luck to all the contestants!!


Oooh i just saw this! I got an idea- Not sure if it’ll work. I hope I can get it finished.

Never mind didn’t work haha.