[b]It’s that time of the year again! The annual YoYoExpert Halloween Costume Contest is back!

This year has more prizes than ever before so get your costumes ready!![/b]

What We’re Looking For:

When you’re in costume this Halloween at parties or out trick or treating, snap a photo of yourself with your yo-yo! Be scary, funny, or do a crazy pose! Have fun with it!

Submit Your Photo:

Once your photo is taken there are two ways to share it!

  1. On Instagram with #yoyoexpert AND #trickoryoyo in your post. (if it’s not tagged we can’t find it!)
  2. On the YoYoExpert Forums Right Here in this thread!

The Rules & How to Win:

  1. You must be in costume.
  2. There must be a yo-yo in the photo.
  3. You must share before the deadline (Nov 7th).

On November 7th the YoYoExpert staff will choose our four favorite pictures!

The Prizes:

Grand Prize:
CLYW Orca – Sunrise Kingdom!

Most Creative Picture:
C3yoyodesign Railgun – Orange/Black/Purple Acid Wash!

Best Costume:
Duncan Freehand Pro – Orange!

3 Random Runners Up:
YoYoJam Speed Maker – Orange!

[b]Have Fun & Good Luck! Happy Halloween![/b]


Here’s a few of the contest entries we got so far! Keep em coming guys!


the Ensign was last seen playing with his yoyo on a strange planet. Repeated attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful. the planets gravity was a little wonky at the time of the photo.

What are ones chances of winning?

either you win or lose. Go for it!

I wanted to get a better picture nut it was too busy in my house on halloween

Split photo from the front and side view.

A Yoyo holding a Yoyo!

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Cool dude!! ;D

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Awesome costume man! Playing with a yoyo while dressed up as a yoyo; hopefully you’ll win a yoyo!

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