Like free yoyos? Have an Instagram?

If you answered yes to both questions in the title -

Do I have to enter somehow? I already follow you :slight_smile:

Contest will start when we get to 1500.

Details will be posted then :slight_smile:

Yes, no :’(

Done, I now expect a free yo-yo

so if I follow I get a free yoyo then you do a contest if you get 1500 followers?

No, If you follow (and he gets to 1500 followers) G2 will have some sort of contest to give away a yoyo.

That makes more sense. The picture is worded poorly.

It’s one statement on the picture. Not 2.

Follow G2Jake for a yoyo giveaway at 1500 followers.

I guess the color change could have confused you.

Yeah that threw me off, it looks like 2 different statements

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Getting closer. Ill post a pic of the give away yoyo tmw.

I expect a pink bedazzled yoyo or else I’m not interested :wink:

Guess you won’t be interested :slight_smile:

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This is the beautiful 1 of 1 albatross you can win.

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Nice Tross, yo.

That thing is sweet. Hope I win.

About ten followers away


That’s a sweet throw! I’d say my 1:1502 chance is as good as any ;D

done… after resetting my password