He’s a very helpful person and he’s got a great yoyo coming out…

I hope he make more than one run so that I can get my hands on.
Happy birthday.

Thanks a lot!

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Happy birthday man! Hope you get some grey yoyos!

Happy Birthday Shout out to GoCrazyForYoyo with Amplified Return Tops! Have a happy birthday today! : )

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Happy Birthday GoCrazy, I enjoy your posts! Great strides made by you this year with ART. I look forward to seeing more.

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Happy Birthday. Best success for all your endeavors!

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Happy happy birthday to you. Happy happy birthday to you. You have your own yoyo coming out, now go make a signature shoe.

Oh yeah, I’m good.

Happy bday dude. I didn’t know you were 19, you look so young!

I have been told that I’ll appreciate looking younger when I’m 30…

Thanks a lot! I didn’t expect to have a thread about this.