yoyos on bday yay

ok so today i had my bday party. it was awesome i got a wooly marmot silver with purple splash and a yoyoexpert edition code one and a green trinty. i had a AWESOME bday and i got some other non yoyo related gifts and i like all my yoyos alot so im done.

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Wow, thats alot of yos. Im lucky if i get 1…

do you want to trade bdays? ??? :stuck_out_tongue: lol

y do you want to trade bdays?

I was just joking :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are cool throws. :o

Most people didn’t even know that yesterday was my birthday. :-\


Pardon? I was going to call Brad and tell him to hug you from me, but I wasn’t sure if you’d be around

meeeeeeeeee tooooooooooo

I did. Just didn’t feel like make a post lol. But Happy Birthday! 1 year closer to death!

way to make him feel happy :stuck_out_tongue:

Why did you bring up a month old thread?

sorry forgot to look at the date :frowning:

Will not happen again. 8)

Not sure if this post is making it worse though… :stuck_out_tongue: ;D