Haný - Haný 2 - YoYoSkills.com Review


What I love about the yo-yo world is the impressive amounts of unique imports we have access to. In what other industry do you have access to quality products from all corners of the world? From H-Spin in Switzerland, to Werrd in Australia, and all of the companies in the States, yo-yoing is truly a global phenomenon. The Czech Republic, sandwiched in the center of Europe, happens to a yo-yoing hot spot in the world, and there are a few new start up companies putting out some interesting products. Last May, a new yo-yo came out of the land locked country of the Czech Republic. The Haný 2, successor to the Haný (by the company Haný), came with much excitement to the European crowd, and then it crept its way into the states and hit YoYoNation. I admit, my interest was piqued. The Silver and Red colorway had a Centurion Iron Man look to it, and the shape caught my interest.

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Amazing review dryoyo.

great review as usual.
still laughing at your wife finding dutch villages in your pockets. ;D