I thought this thing was supposed to be coming to yoyoexpert? When?

*Is this coming to Yoyoexpert? If so, when?

Its coming (according to yyf ask.fm), but when hasn’t been released

Got impatient ordered one

IT’s cheaper on “that” website anyway they said

I seen that, thought it was weird. The Yoyo is made in the usa but it’s cheaper out of the country. Seems like it should cost more with shipping but I saved about 20 dollars.

I was also wondering about shipping. What did you use?

Only option was fedex, cost 16.40 euros

I got something from that other place one time. Nice folks there, but the yo-yo went through customs and I can tell they opened the box, inspected the yo-yo (it got all dusty), then it clanked around in the box until it barely got to me at all due to another issue. It was mostly customs issues, but what a headache. It’s really a long story, but I’m going to pay the extra $20 on this one.

Coming soon! They will definitely be price competitive when you factor in international shipping like that, etc. Thanks for checking here first anyways - definitely a NEAT yo-yo!

Of course, YYE will always be my first choice for anything Yoyo related

Unless you are impatient and you can buy it somewhere else.


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I said first not only lol

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