Yoyo expert shipping prices


Hello guys ;D
well i posted a post asking about a certain online yoyo shop…so well it seems that the topic was shut down ok ok i get it i named another online yoyo store other than yoyoexpert…
IM SORRY I LOVE YOYOEXPERT WITH AL MY HEART AND WOULD BUY YOYOS FROM OYU 100% OF THE TIME but your shipping to my country (india ) is the same or twice the price of the yoyo i want (rally by OD) .
so i apologize asking about [istilldontgetit.com] and all and i would OF COURSE BUY FORM YOYOEXPERT one of the best and most repute online yoyo shops ever (100% not kisses ppl who ar into yo-yoing since some time knows it , they are really good) but unfortunately i can’t afford to pay 40-50$ on shipping…
Any suggestions whatsoever?


I’m sure the store you referenced is reliable. If their shipping is significantly cheaper buy it there.


PM me if your curious about a store.