Halo Problems

I have a halo that doesnt work and I emailed c3 twice and they didnt respond. I think it doesnt work because the gap is too small and I think the gap is too small because on the side where it has the little circles that say c3 and halo are too far out. Anyone have any ideas if so please pm me or reply to this.

What do you mean by “doesn’t work”? Does the bearing not spin? Also have in mind that C3 is based out of Hong Kong so I’m not sure how good their “Engrish” is. Make sure that you are clear with your wording and grammar, it will only make it easier for them.

When I say “doesn’t work” I mean you can throw it down and it comes straight back up.

that just means it’s responsive. have you tried cleaning the bearing or using a bearing from another yoyo that you know already works properly

I have used another bearing I know works ill try and post a picture to compare my halos gap to a regular one.

OK so heres a pic of my gap and a normal Halos gap.

That’s definitely a problem. How long have you had it? Looks like you may have sat on it or something.

wow, that is crazy. can i see a picture of both seats

This. A picture of the bearing seats (both of them) is the best way to diagnose your problem.

What I’m guessing is that the bearing seats are press fit from the outside, and that they were pushed out. Please take a picture of the inner cup of the yoyo, which will show whether or not the bearing seats have been pushed out.

Here you go

Yep, just as I thought.

Try to press down on the metal inserts from the outside with your thumb. Give it a good push, but not too hard!

Let me know what happens.

i would do this with a Nickel or something similar. that way you know it goes flush.

Probably won’t work, those inserts are designed to take A LOT of force without popping out, so they are just as hard to put back in.

Figured checking to see if he could press it in with his thumb would determine whether or not the inserts were loose or still fit tightly.

More than likely he’ll have to use a vice grip to get the inserts back in. It’s not hard to do, I did it with my classic, but if the inserts are loose fitting nothing is going to fix the yoyo anyways.

How did you do that on a Classic? The caps cover the metal inserts.

If the inserts get pushed out, the cap will warp out a little bit. You can push the buldge back in, pushing the insert.

You can use a Vise, you can try using your thumb. You can go to a translating website and try translating it to whatever they speak(I’m not familiar with Hong Kong Language).

Take it apart and take a pic. That could help us see other problems, If there are any :).

“Hong Kong Language” is Mandarin.

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Apparently you’ve never tried one of those translation sites. They really murder a piece.

I actually never have, I don’t need to. Just a suggestion.