C3 Halo bearing seat

So I took my Halo apart today to clean the bearing as it had become responsive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bearing seat that tight. It was actually difficult to unscrew and screw back together. Is mine unique or have other people had this experience? (great yo-yo by the way)

I’ve heard a lot of chatter about the C3 bearing seats being exceptionally tight. I’m sure I’ll experience it for myself when I order a DiBase soon. The Halo is also on my wants list, but I’ll order that one later. There is a video about how to remove a bearing from a DiBase, and based on that video, it definitely looked to me that the bearing was very tight to the seat.

I think it’s more the Center Trac than it is the Halo. I had the same experience, and getting off that damn Center Trac was a battle of epic proportions. Each bearing since then was smooth sailing though.

Ahh. That’s the problem. I received this in a trade and it doesn’t have a center trac bearing. I’m now wondering if it’s the wrong bearing size. It’s possible that it’s a metric C bearing which would explain why it’s so tight.

My halo had a bearing seat that was very loose. I didn’t have to use any tools to get my center trac out of it…maby I got the luck of the draw. Also with use the bearing seat will loosen up over time. Most start out as tight and the gradually loosen. That is how all of my YYF have been at least.

Ah well in that case I’d say that’s not at all outside the realm of possibility. Did you try a different bearing yet? And did you try the Halo’s bearing in one of your ILYYs? I’m just interested to hear the results.

I put a C size KK in the Halo and it fits perfect. I haven’t tried the one that was in it in a ILYY yet but I’m certain that’s what it is.

The Halo uses a C sized bearing. ILYY uses a Metric sized bearing. Probably won’t fit very well. A Metric bearing shouldn’t even fit in the Halo. Was there any vibe after you took out the bearing the Halo arrived with? Tight bearing seats are pretty normal in metal yoyos. After some use the bearing seat will eventually loosen up to the point where you can remove the bearing with just your fingers.

For the record guys, Vegabomb has been on the scene for a long time now and he’s fully aware of the nature of different sized bearings. That’s not at all to say that your willingness to lend helpful advice is not appreciated, but in this case the guy really knows what he’s doing.

Thanks for the update LJ. That’s a very odd occurrence indeed.

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Just going back a bit:

The specs for a metric C sized bearing are slightly smaller than a regular C bearing.

In metric: Metric C bearing(ILYY for example) is: 6X13X5
A regular C is(if I did the conversion correct) is: 6.35X12.7X4.74

Oops, ok so I’m wrong on that outer diameter one. That could be the problem if it’s sticking on the outside, not the inside.

Another bad bearing placed in a yoyo before it heads out via BST? I’m noticing that happening a lot lately.

Thanks for all the help guys. It’s definitely a metric C size bearing that was in the Halo I received in the trade.

@Studio - Looks like your calculations are correct. It was sticking on the inside though. The inner diameter of a regular C bearing is 6.35 mm where the metric is 6 mm. The metric being a bit smaller made the fit very tight.

anyone know if i can use 2 spacers on the halo… i have twisted strings trifecta bearing on my halo and need to make that small .17 of a gap into a .19 or .20 (for ultra smoothness)

Don’t worry about making the gap wider than it already is. Especially with that Trifecta bearing you have all the unresponsiveness you’ll ever need. My experience was the Halo was kind of slippy on the response anyway, so further widening the gap would almost surely push it to the realm of unplayable.

By the way, the term you’re looking for is “shim.” The spacer in this context is the actual metal piece that the bearing sits on, whereas a shim would be a small o-shaped disc usually made of ceramic or metal that would sit in between the bearing and the spacer to serve the sole purpose of widening the gap. It’s kind of confusing terminology I know, but as long as you got what I said there you should be good to go.