Trifecta Bearing Question

Just got my trifecta bearing in the mail yesterday. I put it into my Capless and snapped it in etc, but it didn’t fit all the way in when i screwed on the other half of the yoyo… I twisted as tight as i could to see if it would snap in on the other side but it didnt work causing the yoyo to spin slightly off center with a wobble…

when i unscrewed the yo yo to take the bearing out, the bearing came out on the other side of the yo yo instead of the original side that i snapped it into.

any ideas if i’m doing this wrong??


Edit: Also, you can feel the wobble all the way up the string to your hand… its bad

Sounds like a really tight bearing seat. Some yoyos have 'em but in my experience they get looser over time if you take the bearings out often.

i don’t know, the bearing that came with it fits fine… i’ve taken it out and put it back in a couple times now… works great

i feel like i wasted my money with the trifecta now…

Both bearing posts and bearings have tolerance ranges. It’s easy to get a bad match which seems to be the case here. The bearing post is probably on the large side of the range and the I.D. of the Trifecta on the small side.

Yeah not all my SPECs fit all my YYFs.