Half Pad - Half Siliconed?


This may or may not sound rather stupid.

A single pad decided to come off of my Supernova two months ago and I’m too impatient to wait another two weeks to (finally) get a pair of fresh response pads.

So I siliconed the half that no longer had the pad (about a minute ago), and left the other one alone.

Does anyone know how the response may act in general with this set up?

One more question, is it easy to remove silicone when it wears out/if I want to put in pads instead?


Hmm, the response should work fine, just be aware that the pad probably will come out before the silicone.

Yes, well, it depends on when you take it out, it could fall out in pieces, or you could wait, and see that it is worn down, and take it out yourself.

A tip: When the silicone comes out, you might want to take a toothpick and scrape away excess silicone so that a response pad can go in and stay in. (Same for silicone)


That was pretty much implied, but yes I’ll keep that in mind.

And I figured that would be the case (getting rid of the excess). Thanks bro.


For me, when half a response wears out, I replace both halves. That’s just how I like things

As long as you’re happy with the performance, stick with it. I’d say if you can silicone the thing and are pleased, then why wait for pads? Silicone the other half. Depending on the kind of response pads involved, anywhere from 2-3 sets of pads is more than the tube of silicone you used for the response system.


My only experience with silicone so far is with my Hitman PRO and it turned that thing rather responsive on tricks with several layers of string. That’s my reasoning behind this.


You can put the silicone in a bit shallower; it doesn’t need to be level with the channel. There’s obviously a limit to just how shallow you can go before it doesn’t work.


I agree. But I also thing that maybe clean-up wasn’t done properly or maybe the bearing also needed cleaning. I haven’t had the need to silicone my Hitman Pro yet, but when the stock pads wear out, it’s getting a flowable silicone job and I know it will play great.

They key is to remove any excess. Flowable makes this super easy to ensure a flat, level response but one does need to ensure excess is removed. Gasket maker needs a bit of help but is easier to shape due to the material.


Totally agree. When I siliconed my Lyn Fury, I had just the TEEEEEeeeeeniest amount that I didn’t notice hadn’t been properly cleaned. After a few minutes of responsive play, I knew something was wrong and went to investigate. Scraped off the tiny bit that had escaped, and all was good.