flowable silicone


once you put it on the bearing, what does it do?


u dont put it on the bearing because it will completely mess up the bearing the silicone u put it where the response goes and it makes it unresponsive

(Shisaki) #3

You put it around the bearing where the silicone pads or friction stickers or w/e should be.




It’s a replacement for other types of response. If you put it in the bearing, clean it immediately and you might be able to save it.


When i put it in, Wait 4 hours, And then play, After maybe 1 hour it flakes off and its not complete. How do i fix this???


Wait for 24 hours.


Could be a number of things, post a pic if you have one. Four hours is a bit short, overnight is usually enough. It could also be that you’re siliconing a yoyo that doesn’t have a deep enough groove to hold silicone, or the groove isn’t clean (oily) so the silicone won’t stick.


K also, On the flakey side, Do i need to resilicone it cause i dont wanna waste my silicon and 1 side is still perfect ???


If the other side is still good, you don’t need to. I do both at once, because if one side went bad, the other is probably due to soon - and I don’t want to have to go through the process two nights in a row.


Ok, Also when my other kentaro pad was still in, the response was fine unresponsive, Will the flakey side affect how tight the binds are cause i like how silicone binds are tight


Ok i tried yoyoing with it, and it is going great, The only bad thing is that some throws its responsive, and with some throws its unresponsive, Anyone know the reason???


Could be that “flakiness” is causing problems - if part of it is sticking up, use a sharp xacto knife to slice off the peaks. Hard to tell without actually seeing it though, exactly what you mean by “flakiness”.


ill upload a pic


But i fixed the problem anyway and now it plays like a dream :smiley: