Does hectic have a large enough flowable sili groove?

Hi guys i am trying to put flowablle silicone in my yoyofactory hectic and i wanted to make sure it has a big enough silicone groove. This is my third time attempting to silicone and my silicone always turns out bad so to start with my questions, in the flowable siliconeing video on YYN, in the flowable silicone is a white tube where the silicone comes out, where can i get that? those are the only 2 things i need to know please help NOW. JK but seriously

No you can’t sili a hectic. You’ll have to get a modder to recess it IF the metal is thick enough.

The sili thing you are looking for is the nozzle. Some parts stores may have them but I doubt it. You may have to buy another tube to get one.

k NP

if it doesnt have a big enough gap for flowable sili, What response systems can i put in it other then kentaro pads? i was thinking chaz pads but im not sure what do you guys think?

I siliconed my Hectic once, it lasted for a week, but that’s not too long.

yea i know so can i put in a pad response for example, chaz pads or something like that

What happened to the response it comes with?

one side fell out, then the next hour the other one fell out

And you couldn’t put them back in? If not and if you have some flowable silicone you could put a tiny bit of that in and the pad on top so that it can stay in.

That won’t work.

Ok, glue then I guess.

it doesnt matter what i really want to know is if i can put in any different pad response can go in the groove like a kentaro friction sticker or a chaz pad or something like that

This is what a little research will do…

Kentaro Pad - Medium Sized
Turning Point K-Pad YoYoFactory Sized

ok so chaz pad= nono

i siliconed my hectic about a month ago

That’s not really useful information, say if its still going good or not, then it will be useful.

OH i forgot to put the rest because i had to do somthing :stuck_out_tongue:
It gave my hectic tight binds and better response

is it falling out ikillu or is it still going good?

It hasnt worn out yet so it still gives my yoyo tight binds

k since i dont have any response for it i am using flowable silicone