modding my dm.

i just recessed siliconed my dm and i was wondering if it was normal for it to be responsive for a little while after.

yes it usually wears down after a while

I agree. Just make sure the silicone isnt sticking out of the recess.

thanks, that’s what i thought but i wanted to make sure.

Yea, happend to be with my legacy

Does anyone know how long it’s suppose to be responsive or how fast does it wear down? I actually siliconed my X Convict 3 days ago and it’s still responsive.

Did you use the stuff from YYN or what? you might just want to redo it      The video is very helpfull.

And you might also want to try recessing it more. Fill the recess up about 3/4 full.

I used flowable silicone from yyn:
I filled it up pretty much to the edge. Here are some pictures:

Yeah, thats how it should be. It will be responsive for a little while. Just keep playing with it unitl it becomes unresponsive.

Ok thanks. :slight_smile: