H5 x Cheif

Berserker is a bi-metal design with ridiculous precision requiring far more engineering effort than anything CLYW has ever made. It’s absolutely silly to compare that price to any CLYW throw. Compare something like the Yeah3, Dark Sonic, Master Galaxy, etc. and the prices are far more reasonable than CLYW.

Thanking you by actually thanking you lolol

I love how just the mention of clyw fires people up. It actually makes me happy to know that there is still a chance to turn something you enjoy and love into something you can support yourself with. I will walk around the rest of the day knowing that this is still a possibilty even today.Just because your ideas are worthless doesn’t mean that all others have to be as well.

Indeed. But you also forget that machining costs and anodizing costs are also less overseas.

One could probably ask why YoYoFactory and Magic YoYos aren’t the same price.
But in the end, consumerism, advertising, history, etc. come into play.

With any company you get what you pay for. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great collaboration to me! I cannot wait for this C3xCLYW design.