H5 x Cheif


YEEEEEESSSS!!! This is gonna be amazing!

And please, don’t let this become another, “Hey, let’s flame CLYW” topic. If you have problems with CLYW’s pricing, methods, etc, don’t post, please. Let this topic be for those excited about a C3 CLYW collaboration.

I assume it’s the one in the back. Looks nipple-less which is awesome. Hopefully C3 is doing most of the work and pricing and the only CLYW-component is the use of the double rim. Some CLYW-style ano would be cool, but i’m not sure i could see C3 going that direction.


I always thought that an H5 with Chief-style cups would play awesome! Here it is!

The BST is gonna be in a frenzy over these :smiley:

Oh yeah.
I know how to make the Chief more desirable! Let’s make it half of an amazing, really limited collab project!

YES! ;D I need this! Maybe now C3 will get some of the popularity they deserve. Anyone know specs?

It can be yours for the low low price of 350 bucks! … You really dont think Chris is gonna sell a yoyo under 120 do you?

I said no CLYW flaming, and not to post if that’s all you have to say.

Who said he’s selling it? I imagine C3 is doing the manufacturing and the selling, meaning it will probably be reasonably priced and play amazingly. Remember CLYW doesn’t actually manufacture anything, so how much use can they really be in a collab? I imagine the extent of their involvement is stamping a box and saying “yes you can use our name and double rim design.” If C3 puts all the work into it and CLYW ends up selling it for $200 and making a huge profit for next to no effort i will rage.

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This is going to be an amazing throw. And I dont see why everyone has to hate on clyw. If you dont like the prices or the way chris does things then dont buy it and go the other way. Hes one guy trying to make a living selling high endw yoyos. I did see at the top of this thread he asked to not flame. Give it a rest and go throw for a while. Thats why were all here anyways. :slight_smile: having fun throwing is what its all about!

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That wasnt flaming. He was stating that in opinion in response to someone saying they hope it is a C3 price and not a CLYW Price

Both companies will
Need paid, so I would guess its above Clyw normal price

C3 Berserker: $180. More than any CLYW throw ever was in this store.

This is a crazy high end yoyo and is going to be worth any price. This is going to be amazing.


you never hear anyone complaining about C3’s pricing though. GO CLYW AND C3!!

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Hmm. I like the H5 /and/ the Chief. This is gonna be cool.

It looks really interesting, I like the H5 and Chief a lot, and this look really sick. I can’t wait!

Isn’t the H5 a C3 Save death collab? That would make it a clyw x c3 x Save death :slight_smile:

The H5 x Chief will be produced by C3.

And because of it being a collaboration and a larger yoyo (larger aluminum stock bars cost more), it will have a higher price point, but I doubt it will hit above $180.

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