H-Shaped One Drop Benchmark

60 dollar H-Shaped side effect yoyo? I had to give it a try. Here are my thoughts.

One of the 1st things you notice when you look at the benchmark(and this is true across the models) is it’s simplicity. There are no extra cuts, no superfluous angles, no grooves, lines, or additions to the hub area. The pyramatte finish is simple and only available in single color options(at least for this iteration). There are no engravings, and the box is plain. All of these things mean a lower-cost yoyo.

Saving money is great, but it’s useless if the yoyo plays like cheap crap. I can safely say that the low price is not indicative of how it plays whatsoever. It spins for days, is incredibly stable and smooth, and cuts through the air with determination and grace. It has power, but is easily handled. Hops and transfers are smooth, binds are tight, and it handles directional changes like a pro. This feature actually really stood out to me. Many yoyo’s will spin a long time, but the momentum shifts in some combos will really slow them down. The benchmark keeps on truckin’, and it’s consistency leads to much smoother play. Finger and arm grinds are pretty good, palm grinds are alright. Pyramatte isn’t my favorite grinding surface, but it’s still much better than a glossy ano job. Due to the lack of a thumb grind lip(to cut costs), thumb grinds are hard to pull off in a traditional way. I’m sure Andre could do it, but I’m not gonna waste my time trying.

I have played virtually every iteration of one drop’s products. This yoyo is easily my favorite. On top of that, it has become one of my favorite throws altogether. I dunno if what makes this yoyo so great is it’s simplicity, but it definitely is great. Especially for 60 bucks.